La Pantalla Pintada
Edition I - 2009
Edition II- 2012
Edition III - 2013
The curator
Macarena Cordiviola






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International Experimental Cinema and Videoart Festival

La Pantalla Pintada is an international experimental cinema and videoart festival curated by Macarena Cordiviola.

The festival first edition was held on November 2009 at Espacio Cultural Carlos Gardel. The second edition was held at Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo de Montevideo, Uruguay, on December 2012. In 2013, La Pantalla Pintada will present its third edition at Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires. The presentation will take a whole month and we will surely be surprised by new exhibitions along this third edition.  

The filmmakers in this festival represent a wide range of aesthetics and languages in the history of experimental cinema and videoart. In La Pantalla Pintada we find national and international artists from different generations such as Narcisa Hirsch (Argentina), Claudio Caldini (Argentina), Paulo Pécora (Argentina), Lynne Sachs (USA), Bill Brand (USA), Guillermo Zabaleta (Uruguay), Ángela López Ruiz (Uruguay).

In 2009 Caludio Caldini said about EditionI: "I participated in La pantalla pintada with two shorts, I couldn´t see the whole festival but for what I saw Macarena Cordiviola as curator did an excellent job."  blog

La Pantalla Pintada was invited to take part in Rojas Fest 2013