La Pantalla Pintada
Edition III - 2013
The curator
Macarena Cordiviola


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THE PAINTED SCREEN - International Experimental Cinema and Videoart Festival
Edition III - 2013
Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires


La Pantalla Pintada is an international experimental cinema and videoart festival curated by Macarena Cordiviola.

The third edition of this festival will be held during the second part of the year at Alianza Francesa de Buenos Aires produced by Carlos Gustavo Motta. This time there will be four meetings, one per week, and the 5 conceptual areas proper of the exhibit will be kept. Each meeting will last about 100 min.

Day 1:Opening with guests under special invitaion, talk about the festival and final toast.

Day 2: Expanded cinema. Simple and multiple S8mm screenings + live music.

Day 3: Film to Tape. Digital expanded films

Day 4: VideoArt. Works in analogic and digital video.


A selection of 7 shorts will take part in Rojas Fest under the categories Del fílmico al digital and De la fotografía al cine.

La Pantalla Pintada will present Hasta Nunca in Buneos Aires. Hasta Nunca is Mark Street´s (USA) new film shooted in Uruguay. The festival will surely surprise us with more exhibitions during its third edition.