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Edition II - 2012
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THE PAINTED SCREEN - International Experimental Cinema and Videoart Festival
Edition II - 2012 / Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo de Uruguay
Maldonado 1273 - Montevideo - Admission free


La Pantalla Pintada is an international experimental cinema and videoart festival curated by Macarena Cordiviola. The festival second edition was held on December 2012 at Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo de Montevideo. 
Twenty films by twenty-two national and international artists -belonging to different generations- were screened. Among the artists we can name Claudio Caldini (Argentina), Lynne Sachs (USA), Bill Brand (USA), Ángela López Ruiz (Uruguay). La Pantalla Pintada is a gaze upon experimental cinema and videoarte, it is a random journey along these disciplines through the eyes of filmmakers who have different lenguages and aesthetics. This time the exhibition had 3 sections which were screened in a 100 minute-afternoon



Friday, December 14 2012, 21 hs

1- La Pantalla Pintada - The Painted Screen: it names the festival. Cinema somehow has a plastic origin. Walter Ruttmann described his film work as " painting through time" . On stage: hallucinations painted by a camera"

Ventana / Window by Claudio Caldini (4'22” - Argentina, 1975)
Ojos en llamas / Eyes on fire by Magdalena Jitrik (7'- Argentina, 1998-2008)
Espacio C / Area C by Nadia Estebanez (2'35”- Argentina, 2009)
Swan's island by Bill Brand and Katy Martin (5'02” - USA, 2005)
Compadre / Compadre by Guillermo Zabaleta (3' -Uruguay, 2012)

2- Memory in-between walls: records of the abandonment, remembrance, erradicated belonging, moebius space, time crystallization, the public and private.

Entreabierto / Ajar by Verónica Vitullo and Mariana Sosnowski (5'23” - Argentina, 2006)
La ausencia / Absence by Ricardo Greene (10'- Chile, 2008)
A stupid way to say goodbye by Paulo Pécora (4' -Argentina,2004 )
Tornado / Tornado by Lynne Sachs (3'06” - USA, 2002)
Tres para desaparecer / Three to vanish by Carolina Cappa (5'22” - Argentina, 2006)
La Patria por la boca muere / Greedy counties weaken soon by  Anaclara Talento ( 4'41” - Uruguay, 2012)
Colores / Colours by Anna-Lisa Marjak (2' - Argentina, 2001)

3- Nature in orbit / Rituals of the body: images showing in a poetic but cruel way the arrival of the end, the soul-body link, the impossible hope, the state of inertia, the physical  deterioration, the dreadful, body preserved under the science magnifier , the woman-object place,  the demand of perfection, the thin border between sanity and dementia.

Madrigal revelado / Unvealed madrigal by Eduardo Duwe (3' - Brasil 2004)
Rosácea / Rosacea by Ina López ( 4'50” - Uruguay, 2012)
Laroié Exú by Ángela López Ruiz (6' - Uruguay, 2001)
Encrucijada / Fork in the road by Anabel Vanoni ( 3' - Argentina/México, 2005-2006)
Viaje / Trip by Teresa Puppo ( 6'41”- Uruguay, 2012)
Sin Título / Untitled by Jessie Young (3'30” - Uruguay, 2012)
Velo/ Veil by Luciana Damiani (1'39” - Uruguay, 2012)
Ursula apatika / ApathetiK Ursula by Serrana Lax Torres ( 3' - Uruguay/España, 2009)


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