La Pantalla Pintada
Edition II - 2012
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Macarena Cordiviola


THE PAINTED SCREEN - International Experimental Cinema and Videoart Festival
Edition II - 2012 / Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo de Uruguay
The artists


Ángela López Ruiz
Montevideo, Uruguay. Artist, curator and researcher specialized in video and cinema. She has got a degree in Art (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay). She is member of Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo, where she carries out her research work. She curated Anthology, videoperformance by Clemente Padín, Museo del Barrio, Nueva York, among others. She participated in exhibits in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Maracaibo, Santiago de Chile, Sao Paulo, Paris, Marseilles, Barcelona, Seville, Dresden, Berlin and London. Web

Guillermo Zabaleta
He is member of Fundaci ón de Arte Contemporáneo - FAC, Montevideo and coordinates FAC cinema workshop. He is BA in Communication and studied at Escuela de Acción Teatral Alambique and Taller de Artes Plásticas "Badaró Nadal". He is Producer and Cultura Manager in art and social projects. He participated in many actions, expositions and exhibitions in Montevideo and Buenos Aires: "Tango For Export" performance , Interactive Performance for thr short film "Obsidiana" by Ángela López Ruiz, Laroie Exu Performance for videoart by Ángela López Ruiz , "Aura" Performance , "Testimonios de Historias Recientes" documentary, "Elegbé" Performance among others.

Claudio Caldini
Buenos Aires, 1952.  He studied at the Instituto Nacional de Cinematografía with Mario Soffici, in 1971. Caldini is one of the pioneers of Argentina experimental cinema. He studied indu and electronic music and raga dance. His works have been screened all over the world. He got several prizes (1º Premio de la Primera Semana de Cine Experimental de la Feria ARCO , 1991 and Gran Premio de la Muestra Franco-Latinoamericana de Video Arte ,1994). He was member of the jury for the Video ICI Prize, scholar for Antorchas Foundation, professor at CIEVYC and jury and curator at Oberhausen 2003 Shortfilm Festival. Web

Bill Brand (USA)
Bill Brand's experimental films and videos have screened extensively since 1973 in the US and abroad in museums, festivals and independent film showcases. His feature documentary Home Less Home has been seen worldwide on television and was featured at major film festivals including the Berlin Film Festival and New Directors/ New Films Festival. His 1980 Masstransiscope, a mural installed in the subway system of New York City which is animated by the movement of passing trains, is a widely regarded work of public art. In 1973 he founded Chicago Filmmakers, the showcase and workshop and until 1991 served on the Board of Directors of the Collective for Living Cinema in New York City. He is currently an Artistic Director of Parabola Arts Foundation which he co-founded in 1981. Bill Brand lives in New York CIty and is Professor of Film and Photography at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Since 1976 he has operated BB Optics, an optical printing service specializing in 8mm blow-ups and archival preservation for independent filmmakers, libraries, museums and archives.

Katy Martin (USA)
Visual artist whose work combines painting, photography and performance. She also makes films and videos. Katy’s art — paint on skin — is about the fluidity of borders, and skin itself as a porous boundary that continually shifts and changes. Katy also writes and does curatorial projects in collaboration with artists in Shanghai, and she is working on a photo project with an artist in Berlin.

Lynne Sachs
NYC, USA . American experimental filmmaker who makes films, videos, installations and web projects. She is known for weaving together poetry, collage, painting and politics with numerous layers of image and sound. Over the last two decades she has worked in sites affected by international war, such as Vietnam, Bosnia, Israel and Germany. Since 2006 she works together with her husband, Mark Street, in a mixed-media performance “The XY Chromosome Project”. Her work has been supported by fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation and Jerome Foundation and the New York State Council on the Arts. Sachs’ films have screened at the Museum of Modern Art, the Pacific Film Archive, the Sundance Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. She recently co-edited the Summer 2009 Millennium Film Journal issue #51 on “Experiments in Documentary”. She teaches experimental film and video at New York University. Web

Teresa Puppo (Uruguay)
Visual artista and writer, Teresa lives in Montevideo. She uses different materials and supports to produce her work: : the web, Electronic means, video and photo performance, photography,  stenopeic /pinhole photography, 3D objects, found objects, installations, collective and individual urban interventions. She also resorts to traditional means and supports as cloth, paper, photographies, drawings, paintings, printings, collages, etc.  In 2005 she published her first novel or long story: “Saint Clare (A Dark Space)”.   In 2008, her book of collected stories “Just like this” was awarded the First Mention in Narrative at Concurso Anual de Literatura, Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo, Uruguay. In 2013 she published another collection of stories, “Usual deviations”. Web

Anna-Lisa Marjak (France)
Anthropologist, audiovisual artist and painter. She studied Art and Anthropology in New York and Mexico. Now she is fylly concerned with painting.  She participated in exhibitions in Argentina, Germany, London, Uruguay. She was awarded several prizes: Premio Konex , Diploma al Mérito – Videoarte; Festival La Mujer y el Cine, Premio Rubro Experimental, Video Minuto 2000 – Centro Cultural de España, Córdoba, Reconocimiento especial del Jurado, among others. She frequently participates in ArteBA with raga Menendez Gallery. Web

Paulo Pécora
Journalist and producer, he studied Journalism at Universidad del Salvador and Cinema Direction at Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires. He wrote, directed and produced over 20 short films and video clips. His first long film El sueño del perro (2009) was awarded prizes in Trieste, Paris, Gualeguaychú and La Plata. Web

Mariana Sosnowski
Buenos Aires, 1977. She graduated in Image and Sound Design and is a Thesis Student in Theory of Communication Design (Escuela de Posgrado. UBA). She works independently, producing audiovisual events for businesses, institutions and individuals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She presented video art works, installations and performances in the Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales 2009, where she got a mention in the category New Supports and Installations. She is part of the UBAsyc research Project “Audiovisual Morphologies” directed by Verónica Vitullo. Web

Verónica Vitullo
Argentina. Verónica earned her BA in Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. She is a photographer and audiovisual artist, she teaches at the Centro de Heurística, Secretaría de Investigación and leads workshops for at-risk youth. Verónica is in charge of the UBAsyc research Project “Audiovisual Morphologies” Web

Serrana Torres (Uruguay,1972)
She studied at Stockholms Filmskola (Sweden, Stockholms). She makes cinema works in the form of fictions, video- installations, advertising spots and documentaries(Tanzania), as producer,screen write, film editor and photographer either in Stockholm, Paris, Tanzania or Barcelone where she lives.She is part of the Collective Cine Urgente where ideas and cinema projects are urgently dispatched to later be screened in in cinemas. Her art works have a clear trend to author and avant-garde cinema. Web

Ricardo Greene
Chile, 1977. Sociologist, City Planner (MSc) ans PhD in Visual Anthropology (Goldsmiths, University of London). His anthropo-art works were exhibited in Münich, París, Chile, Australia, Oslo and London. His documentary short film “La Ausencia” (Absence) was screened in international festivals.

Anabel Vanoni
Argentina-Mexico. Visual artist and performer, BA in Visual Arts and Professor of Painting and Drawing (Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón). She makes research work and specializes in action-art, performance and video. She got a scholarship from Antorchas Foundation and has dictated lectures and workshops on performance. She participated in individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, USA. Web

Eduardo Duwe
Brasil. Photographer and documentary filmmaker. He produced the documentaries um bom negócio and deus é ele 20' as well as Yvy Katu - Tierra Sagrada (2007) and homens, máquinas e deuses (2008). He participated in important festivals in Brazil and Spain such as 12º Festival Internacional de Documentários É Tudo Verdade, 12º Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico, IV Festival Internacional de Cinema, Madrid El Ojo Cojo, Forum.doc BH 2008, IV Panorama Recife de Documentários, Video Indio Brasil 2009.

Magdalena Jitrik
Buenos Aires, 1966. Painter and visual artist. She got a scholarship to study in France where she shot her first film: "Un viaje" (A Trip). She also filmed "Ojos en Llamas" and "Manifiesta" together with Christian Wloch. She participated in several exhibitions in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, USA and Mexico.  


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