La Pantalla Pintada
Edition I - 2009
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THE PAINTED SCREEN - International Experimental Cinema and Videoart Festival
Edition I - 2009 / Centro Cultural Carlos Gardel
Press Release


Next Wednesday, November 11th , 2009, La Pantalla Pintada – The Painted Screen, Experimental Cinema and Video Art Festival is launched. Curated by Macarena Cordiviola, the event will be exhibited at Centro Cultural Carlos Gardel, Olleros 3640, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La Pantalla Pintada will take place in two days of 2 hs each: November, Wednesday 11th  and 18th.
Twenty three films by twenty one national and international artists belonging to different generations: Narcisa Hirsch (Argentina), Claudio Caldini (Argentina), Lynne Sachs (USA), Ángela López Ruiz (Uruguay) among others. These filmmakers represent a wide range of aesthetics and languages in the history of experimental cinema and video art.

The exhibit has five conceptual sections:

1. La Pantalla Pintada / The Painted Screen. Relation cinema-painting.
A ray of light reveals the inside movement of an abstract picture in Claudio Caldini´s film.
Video as a mean for re thinking social issues such as discrimination in Anna-Lisa Marjak´s work.
Sergio Subero opens a window to the past of a family portrayed in the old days. He has stained the film colorfully, interacting with the damages of the celluloid itself, the blury effect and the well printed images.
Ojos en llamas – Eyes on Fire, by Magdalena Jitrik, is a camaraless handmade work: motion painting? 

2- Rituales del cuerpo – Rituals of the Body. Relation soul-body. The matter is a medium for spiritual dimention. 
The three videos in this section express the African influence over believes and ceremonies in the Río de La Plata.
Vivid red flesh swallowed and silenced by the soul emptiness in Ángela López Ruiz´s short film.
A man in trance. His body is soil, fire, air, the key that takes him to a different universe in Guillermo Zabaleta´s film.
Fetichism and magic, Anabel Vanoni – women/ goddess/animal- makes and receives offers from this non-believer cult.

3-Geografías de una ficción – Geographies of a Fiction. Relation cinema-literature. Intertexts.
Narcisa Hirsh transmits through images the sensations the Aleph provoques.
Drawing an elephant based on the blackbirds´ memory, text-script by Liliana Heer edited by Rubén Guzmán .  
Paulo Pécora honours the film noir aesthetics, specially the chiaroscuro.

4-Naturaleza en órbita –Nature in Orbit. Life/death, the biological becoming of the human being.  
The Works of Narcisa Hirsch, Claudio Caldini, Daniela Muttis, Eduardo Duwe and Maxi Contenti show with a sort of poetic cruelty  the coming of the end, the state of inertia, the impossible wait, the inevitable physic decline along time, the body dissected under the magnifying glass of science.

5.-Memoria entremuros – Memory in-between Walls. Exterior/interior, public/private, remembrance/oblivion.  
A hand holding pieces of paper: fragments of the Twin Towers explosion. Lynne Sachs makes the images from September 11th more human.
Verónica Cordeiro travels along abandoned places, revives the obscurity of those objects.
The analogy between the human being and the space, the undefined place are the backbone of Veronica Vitullo and Mariana Sosnowski´s film.
Damián Sergio´s documentary on the last days of Bar Británico gives testimony through a lens that goes beyond the human eye.
Ricardo Greene, through million of photos, updates the memory of somebody absent: circuits of emotion.



Wednesday, November 11, 2009  7.00 pm

1- La Pantalla Pintada - The Painted Screen

Claudio Caldini (Arg), Ventana / Window (1975)
Anna Lisa Marjak (Arg), Colores / Colours (2001)
Sergio Subero (Arg), abcetc (2007)
Magdalena Jitrik (Arg), Ojos en llamas / Eyes on fire (1998-2008)

2- Rituales del cuerpo - Rituals of the body

Ángela López Ruiz (Uru), Laroié Exú (2001)
Anabel Vanoni (Arg/Mex), Encrucijada / Fork in the road (42005/2006)
Guillermo Zabaleta (Uru), Elegbe (2008)

3- Geografías de una ficción - Geographies of fiction

Narcisa Hirsh (Arg), Aleph (2005)
Daniela Muttis (Arg), Naturalia (2009)
Rubén Guzmán/Liliana Heer (Arg), Dibujar un elefante en base al recuerdo de los mirlos / Draw an elephant while thinking of  blackbirds(2002)
Jessie Young (Uru), Grounds for divorce I (2008)
Paulo Pécora (Arg), Oscuro/ Dark (2004)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009  7.00 pm

4- Naturaleza en órbita - Nature in orbit

Narcisa Hirsh (Arg), Testamento y vida interior/ Will and inner life (1976)
Claudio Caldini (Arg), A través de las ruinas  / Through ruins (1982)
Daniela Muttis (Arg), Desecho Humano / Human wreck (2005)
Eduardo Duwe (Brasil), Madrigal revelado / Unvealed madrigal (2004)
Maxi Contenti (Uru), Popping eyes (2008)

5- Memoria entremuros - Memories in-between walls

Lynne Sachs (USA), Tornado (2002)
Verónica Cordeiro (Brasil/Uru), A skin of a particular architecture (2008)
Verónica Vitullo y Mariana Sosnowski (Arg), Entreabierto / Ajar (2006)
Damián Sergio (Arg), Cierre mítico del Británico  / Mithical closure of Bar Británico (2009)
Ricardo Greene (Chile), La Ausencia / Absence  (2008)
Anna Lisa Marjak (Arg), La nena llora / The girl crys (2000)